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Even your car need a make over

When it comes to Body and painting  the standard procedure is followed and OEM Parts recommended  for best Quality, Durability & Reliability. Nandi Toyota always recommend Original Equipment Manufacture parts to Toyota car .  The paint used for painting is Waterborne Metallic Base Coat it has high quality with 3 wet painting system / Primer, Base Coat & Solvent clear coat. Waterborne Metallic Base Coat is used by industry professionals, has excellent pricing, and guarantees a color match. 

There are 5 layers in painting 

  1. Surface Pretreatment : the surface of the body will be cleaned and phosphoresced to increase the anti-rust. Surface Pretreatment removes & Clean excess metal & forms an appropriate surface structure enabling boding of a corrosion protection layer. It helps primer to bond onto the metal.

  2. ED: (Electrophoretic Painting Process – E coat) This process is also known as electrode position to make a better painting on the surface. After being taken out of the ED paint tank, the body would be dried in an oven to a high temperature for drying the paint and created the hardness of the coating.

  3. Sealer & PVC : This step helps seal the edges of steel, against the external impacts during driving (waterproof, anti kicked and noise).

  4. Primer : Increases the adhesion of the Topcoat as well as the gloss and color

  5. Topcoat : It is the painting layer that creates the beauty for vehicles and shows a true color of the vehicle.Therefore, its requirements are included in 3 words "Gloss, durability and reality.” The color will be sprayed onto the primer layer by electrostatic painting process before the final gloss painting

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